Classic and Clean Wedding at The Topsfield Commons

Sharon & Andrew, August 31, 2014, Topsfield Commons, Topsfield

Sharon and Andrew came to me with a classic but modern look in mind.  We stuck to all white and green flowers with lots of leafy greenery.  The mix of soft, full hydrangea with the more graphic Boston Ferns, Bear Grass and Orchids made for a elegant, classic look that felt very clean and contemproary.

I loved the ceremony setting at this wedding.  They were married in the courtyard at Topsfield Commons, which is beautifully landscaped and meticulously groomed.  In the background is a waterfall, which added an extra special touch.  I tied white and green hydrangea pieces on every other chair going down the aisle with bows of white ribbon.  There was a really nice breeze that day, which made the trailing ribbons on the bows look just perfect!  I was so happy with the way this turned out.  This ceremony spot is truly a hidden gem, you would never even know it is there, or how wonderful it is until you are in the space!

Inside the Estate, I created a mix of centerpieces: on the guest tables there were low, soft pieces of white and green hydrangea with a loop of Bear Grass to keep it looking fresh, modern and not too gardeny, and a tall piece created with a Boston Fern and a clear glass, tall vase for the head table.

The focal point of the reception was two large pieces that I placed on either side of the fireplace mantle behind the head table.  These were again, a mix of hydrangea with curly willow in a clear glass vase with exposed stems.

I really loved Sharon and Andrews cake!  After I was finished flowering the reception, I headed over to Topsfield Bake Shop to help the owner, Mary, decorate the all white cake she baked for them.  We used Bear Grass and white Phalenopsis Orchids and it came out amazing.  It was so fun to go “behind the scenes” at the bakery and help to create a really amazing detail for this couple!

The beautiful photos were taken by Nicole Baas Photography. Enjoy!